What I am and what I’m not

Sometimes it’s easier to define something by what it isn’t.

I’m not perfect. I’m not one of those women who has it together. My jeans are usually dirty and my hair is a mess. I don’t wear make up every day and I usually look like a teen ager who was up late playing video games. But let’s be honest, there’s a very good chance that is what I was doing last night. My house is almost always in a constant state of utter chaos. There are clothes, shoes and empty water bottles all over the floor. I am not neat and very rarely am I tidy. Now comes the what I am part….

..this should be easy. Then again things that should be easy often aren’t. I’m a runner most of the time. I’m a full time student and a full time corporate America drone. That’s not fair though, I generally enjoy my job. I’m the funniest Aunt in the world according to my 6-year-old niece. I’m dedicated. I’m obsessive and a bit paranoid. I am a pop culture and music junkie.

The point, you ask? I don’t think it’s fair to start a relationship without knowing what you’re getting yourself into. If you follow along you will get tales of Cosmo (my 10 year old cat) and rants about how Rand Paul is running our country. There will be stories about happy hours that turned into all night ordeals. There will be numerous ramblings about running including what race I just did and what race I’m doing next as well as the races I have planned for 2016 and 2017.

Basically you’re going to get me in blog form. Buckle up and enjoy the ride or see your way out. Choice is yours.