Helpless or Hopeless

Another day another idiot man who’s come to save me. Today’s fine specimen of a man is David. David is a divorced father of 2. Why do all of these guys have children? I really hope the baby mama in this situation has more say in raising those kids than David. At the very least I hope she can raise them to treat women with basic decency.

David decided that the age old approach of slinging negs was his best move. Note to any guys reading this, this is not your best move. This is not some horrible MTV dating show. This is real life and all this tactic does is prove that you’re an asshole.


Oh boy, where to start? It really feels like he just watched The Pickup Artist. I can hear his inner monologue now, “Start with a compliment and then take her down with a neg”. The mess he was referring was a few Old Navy bags that were on my floor, not that I need to explain myself. I don’t need a man to save me. I’m not helpless. This kind of behavior reeks of entitlement. I think it goes without saying that he did not make me his by that night.

Against my better judgment I chatted with this guy for a short time. Maybe it’s because I was bored or maybe it was another one of those things where I couldn’t believe a guy like this actually existed. He kept pushing me to add him on snap. I eventually gave in but told him that if he sent me any unsolicited dick pics we were done. We chatted for a week or so. He kept trying to take it there and I wasn’t having any of it. I should mention that this was April and I was busy trying to study for finals and get everything taken care of so I could graduate.

One night on snap he comments that I don’t seem very interested in him. This was a totally fair thing since I really wasn’t. But then he starts to go in on me. He lists all of the reasons I’m terrible. And then BAM, an unsolicited dick pic. Because after telling a girl she’s awful the best thing is to send a picture of your junk. So naturally, it’s a Bye Felicia moment. I block him on snap and go to bed. No big deal, right? Wrong, oh so wrong. I wake up the next morning to a Facebook friend request from him and a slew of messages on Messenger.


Super creepy right? I block you and then you seek me out on Facebook? Also I never told him my last name. I’m assuming he went and found the one mutual friend we had and searched her list of friends to find me. At this point I’m done. He gets blocked on Facebook and I move on. End of story.

Well not exactly. All of this went down the last week of April. I blocked his phone number, unmatched him on tinder, and blocked him on snap. The one thing I didn’t do was block him on Instagram. Why not? Well I didn’t know he was on Instagram. Maybe two weeks ago I get a notification that I have a new follower on Instagram. I check it out and it’s him. Are you freaking kidding me? We have now entered stalking territory.

If I have blocked you on multiple platforms do not find my Instagram and try to slide back into my life. I send him a message to ask why he’s following me. Maybe he’s had a change of heart. Maybe he’s realized the error of his ways. Yeah, I know that’s not what it was. I’m a little naive at times. It takes no time at all for him to return to his ways. He proceeds to get upset because he got left on Read. Sorry dude, I wasn’t interested in April and I’m not interested now.


I’m a bitter jerk because I don’t miss his face and I don’t appreciate being treated like crap. Well David, you just earned yourself an Instagram block. Please crawl back into whatever damp hole you crawled out of. Learn how to be a decent human being and stop getting pissed when girls don’t respond to your negging.

The term of the week is reclaiming my time and that’s exactly what I’m doing.



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